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The guide to restoring your online privacy.

Massive organizations are monitoring your online activities. Privacy Guides is your central privacy and security resource to protect yourself online.

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Why should I care?

“I have nothing to hide. Why should I care about my privacy?”

Much like the right to interracial marriage, woman's suffrage, freedom of speech, and many others, our right to privacy hasn't always been upheld. In several dictatorships, it still isn't. Generations before ours fought for our right to privacy. Privacy is a human right, inherent to all of us, that we are entitled to (without discrimination).

You shouldn't confuse privacy with secrecy. We know what happens in the bathroom, but you still close the door. That's because you want privacy, not secrecy. Everyone has something to protect. Privacy is something that makes us human.

Why Privacy Matters

What should I do?

First, you need to make a plan

Trying to protect all your data from everyone all the time is impractical, expensive, and exhausting. But don't worry! Security is a process, and, by thinking ahead, you can put together a plan that's right for you. Security isn't just about the tools you use or the software you download. Rather, it begins by understanding the unique threats you face, and how you can mitigate them.

This process of identifying threats and defining countermeasures is called threat modeling, and it forms the basis of every good security and privacy plan.

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