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Uploading Images

Here are a couple of general rules for contributing to Privacy Guides:


  • We prefer SVG images, but if those do not exist we can use PNG images

Company logos have canvas size of:

  • 128x128px
  • 384x128px



Use the OptiPNG to optimize the PNG image:

optipng -o7 file.png



Scour all SVG images.

In Inkscape:

  1. File Save As..
  2. Set type to Optimized SVG (*.svg)

In the Options tab:

  • Number of significant digits for coordinates > 5
  • Turn on Shorten color values
  • Turn on Convert CSS attributes to XML attributes
  • Turn on Collapse groups
  • Turn on Create groups for similar attributes
  • Turn off Keep editor data
  • Turn off Keep unreferenced definitions
  • Turn on Work around renderer bugs

In the SVG Output tab under Document options:

  • Turn off Remove the XML declaration
  • Turn on Remove metadata
  • Turn on Remove comments
  • Turn on Embeded raster images
  • Turn on Enable viewboxing

In the SVG Output under Pretty-printing:

  • Turn off Format output with line-breaks and indentation
  • Indentation characters > Select Space
  • Depth of indentation > 1
  • Turn off Strip the "xml:space" attribute from the root SVG element

In the IDs tab:

  • Turn on Remove unused IDs
  • Turn off Shorten IDs
  • Prefix shortened IDs with > leave blank
  • Turn on Preserve manually created IDs not ending with digits
  • Preserve the following IDs > leave blank
  • Preserve IDs starting with > leave blank


The same can be achieved with the Scour command:

scour --set-precision=5 \
      --create-groups \
      --renderer-workaround \
      --remove-descriptive-elements \
      --enable-comment-stripping \
      --enable-viewboxing \
      --indent=space \
      --nindent=1 \
      --no-line-breaks \
      --enable-id-stripping \
      --protect-ids-noninkscape \
      input.svg output.svg

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