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Crowdin has good documentation, and we suggest looking at their Getting Started guide. Our site is largely written in Markdown, so it should be easy to contribute. This page contains some helpful pointers for translating some specific syntax you may encounter on our site.

Please join our localization room on Matrix ( if you have any additional questions, and read our announcement blog post for additional information about the project.

Note that the English version of the site is the primary version, meaning changes occur there first. If you notice a language falling behind the English version, please help out. We cannot guarantee the accuracy of all our translations. If you have a suggestion about content specific to your region, please open an issue or pull request to our main repository.

Translation output

Translation software gets the translation quite accurate; however, you need to make sure the translated string is correct.

For example:

![Software logo](assets/img/path/to/image.svg){ align=right }

We have sometimes found that the syntax for inserting an image like above was missing the ![ or an extra space was placed between the text and the path, e.g. ](. If a translation string is clearly not correct, we encourage you to delete it by pressing the trash icon or vote on which one you think sounds best. When invalid strings are deleted, they are removed from the organization's translation memory, meaning that when the source string is seen again, it won't suggest the incorrect translation.


For examples like the above admonitions, quotation marks, e.g.: " " must be used to specify string text. MkDocs will not correctly interpret other symbols i.e., 「 」 or « ». Other punctuation marks are fine for marking regular quotations within the text otherwise.

Fullwidth alternatives and Markdown syntax

CJK writing systems tend to use alternative "fullwidth" variants of common symbols. These are different characters and cannot be used for markdown syntax.

  • Links must use regular parenthesis ie ( (Left Parenthesis U+0028) and ) (Right Parenthesis U+0029) and not (Fullwidth Left Parenthesis U+FF08) or (Fullwidth Right Parenthesis U+FF09)
  • Indented quoted text must use : (Colon U+003A) and not (Fullwidth Colon U+FF1A)
  • Pictures must use ! (Exclamation Mark U+0021) and not (Fullwidth Exclamation Mark U+FF01)

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