Browser Recommendations

These are our current web browser recommendations and settings you can use to preserve your privacy. We recommend keeping extensions to a minimum: they have privileged access within your browser, require you to trust the developer, can make you stand out, and weaken site isolation.

General Recommendations


Tor Browser

Provides Anonymity

Tor Browser is the choice if you need anonymity. This browser provides you with access to the Tor Bridges and Tor Network, along with extensions that can be automatically configured to fit its three security levels - Standard, Safer and Safest. We recommend that you do not change any of Tor Browser’s default configurations outside of the standard security levels.


You should never install any additional extensions on Tor Browser, including the ones we suggest for Firefox. Browser extensions make you stand out from other Tor users and your browser easier to fingerprint.

Desktop Only Recommendations


Firefox Desktop

Firefox has some really strong privacy settings such as Enhanced Tracking Protection which can help block various types of tracking.

These options can be found in the Privacy & Security settings page ( ≡ → Settings → Privacy & Security).

Enhanced Tracking Protection (ETP).
  • Select: Strict
HTTPS-Only Mode
  • Select: Enable HTTPS-Only Mode in all windows.
Sanitizing on close
  • Select: Delete cookies and site data when Firefox is closed

You can still stay logged into websites by allowing exceptions.


We normally do not recommend installing any extensions, as they have privileged access within your browser. We make an exception for uBlock Origin, a popular content blocker and 🏆️ Recommended Extension by Mozilla.

Arkenfox (advanced)

The Arkenfox project provides a set of carefully considered options for Firefox. These options are quite strict but a few are subjective and can sometimes cause a website to not work properly. You can easily change these settings to suit your needs. We strongly recommend reading through the basics section. Arkenfox also enables container support.

Mobile Only Recommendations

On Android, Mozilla's engine GeckoView has yet to support site isolation or enable isolatedProcess. It also doesn't yet have HTTPS-Only mode. These features are supported in Bromite as it uses Chromium WebView which is included in all Android operating systems. We do not recommend Firefox or any Gecko based browsers at this time.

On iOS all web browsers use the WebKit browser engine, including Firefox. However, Firefox includes a few extra features like Tracking Protection and the ability to add search engines.



Bromite is a Chromium-based browser with privacy and security enhancements, built-in ad blocking and some fingerprinting randomization.

These options can be found in Privacy and Security ( ⁝ → ⚙️ Settings → Privacy and Security)

HTTPS-Only Mode
  • Select: Always use secure connections.
Always on Incognito mode
  • Select: Open links in incognito tabs always.
  • Select: Close all open tabs on exit.
  • Select: Open external links in incognito.


Onion Browser

Onion Browser is an open-source browser that lets you browse the web anonymously over the Tor network on iOS devices and is endorsed by the Tor Project.

Note that there are some anonymity-related issues with Onion Browser due to iOS limitations.


Firefox iOS

Firefox iOS includes Tracking Protection which lets you select the blocklists Cookies, Tracking Content, Cryptominers, Fingerprinters and Redirect trackers.

Tracking Protection
  • Select: Strict ( ≡ → ⚙️ Settings → Tracking Protection).
Sanitizing on close

Firefox iOS does not have have an option to clear cache on quit so you must do it manually. ( ≡ → ⚙️ Settings → Data Management).


Firefox Focus iOS

Firefox Focus iOS includes Tracking Protection which lets you select the blocklists ad trackers, analytic trackers, social trackers and other content tracking.

Focus also destroys browsing history on quit automatically which is a good way of automatically clearing cookies and website data regularly which is helpful to prevent tracking.

Sanitizing on close

Focus sanitizies all data on close by default. Pressing on the iOS Garbage Bin icon will immediately destroy all cookies and website data for the entire session.


Focus only lets you open one tab at a time.

Additional Resources


uBlock Origin

uBlock Origin is a popular content blocker that could help you block ads, trackers, and fingerprinting scripts.

We suggest enabling all of the filters lists under the “Ads”, “Privacy” and “Malware domains”. The “Annoyances” and “Multipurpose” lists can also be enabled, but they may break some social media functions. The AdGuard URL Tracking Protection filter list makes extensions like CleanURLs and NeatURLs redundant.

We also suggest adding the Actually Legitimate URL Shortener Tool list and any of the regional lists that might apply to your browsing habits. Additional filter lists do slow things down, so only apply the languages that you use.

uBlock Origin also has different blocking modes. The easy mode might not necessarily keep you safe from every tracker out there, whereas the more advanced modes let you control exactly what needs to run.


Terms of Service; Didn't Read

Terms of Service; Didn’t Read grades websites based on their terms of service agreements and privacy policies. It also gives short summaries of those agreements. The analysis and ratings are published transparently by a community of reviewers.

We do not recommend installing ToS;DR as a browser extension. The same information is provided on their website.

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