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Video Streaming

The primary threat when using a video streaming platform is that your streaming habits and subscription lists could be used to profile you. You should combine these tools with a VPN or Tor to make it harder to profile your usage.




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The LBRY network is a decentralized video sharing network. It uses a BitTorrent-like network to store the video content, and a blockchain to store the indexes for those videos. The main benefit of this design is censorship resistance.

The LBRY desktop client helps you stream videos from the LBRY network and stores your subscription list in your own LBRY wallet.




Only the LBRY desktop client is recommended, as the Odysee website and the LBRY clients in F-Droid, Play Store, and the App Store have mandatory synchronization and telemetry.


While watching and hosting videos, your IP address is visible to the LBRY network. Consider using a VPN or Tor if your threat model requires hiding your IP address.

We recommend against synchronizing your wallet with LBRY Inc., as synchronizing encrypted wallets is not supported yet. If you synchronize your wallet with LBRY Inc., you have to trust them to not look at your subscription list, LBC funds, or take control of your channel.

You can disable Save hosting data to help the LBRY network option in ⚙ SettingsAdvanced Settings, to avoid exposing your IP address and watched videos when using LBRY for a prolonged period of time.